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Welcome to Tippaya Villa, a nature-friendly resort on the way of Chiangmai-Chiangrai highway, 45km. from Chiangmai downtown.
"... At our resort, our guests enjoy the free-chemical environment, slow life, very fresh and clean air. "
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...Organic Plantations Activities

, tilapia pond with mountain mineral water and Pradu Hang Dam Chiangmai chicken farm...

Come and stay with us to understand and appreciate the real happiness from nature and simplicity.

"You can learn and enjoy farming activities from our staff. "

Our rooms are elegant with simplicity, tranquility among rice field, green mountain and natural stream.
Each Villa is for your privacy with wood build. Either step up stair or ramp to sitting area before entering to the room. There are 2 big single beds either connect or separate to each other with best quality mattress,soft and hard pillows with cover sheets as 5 star hotel. 
Daily rooms at Doisaket, Chiangmai.
Daily rooms at Doisaket, Chiangmai.
Villa Resort, Chiangmai-Doisaket,Thailand.
Hillside resort, Chiangmai.
Highland reort, chiangmai, Thailand.

Daily and Monthly

At Tippaya Villa, we serve not only travelers and tourists, we also are as your second weekend home away from stressful and hectic city life. 

" Long Stay service with special condition "

Buatip Restaurant

At our Buatip restaurant, we serve our guests delicious Thai dishes with our organic farm products. 
Thai and Lanna Foods
Thai and Lanna Foods
Our local staffs with their service mind and Thai gentleness are always ready to serve our guest with their best effort.

Organic Farm, ...

vermicompost (Bio-organic Fertilizer, BOF) 
The majority of our land at our resort is our rice field. We plant rice with our local staff with their traditional knowledge. 
Pradu Hang Dam Chiangmai chicken farm...

The mulberry leave or gain is a kind of fruit plants grown in the Tippaya Villa Farm. 

We, ourselves at the beginning have been running our own an organic farm in order to produce foods, meals from our organic farm products to serve our customers or clients consectively and keep going

Meeting and Seminar room on creek side

Staff Training
Seminar Room
Coffee Break
Meeting room, Tippaya Villa, Chiangmai.
with facilities
Buffet Lunch
Private Party, Tippaya Villa, Chiangmai.
Suitable for small group

Seminar course...

Wedding, Other Celebrate with Karaoke rooms
Classrooms, Tippaya Villa
Classrooms, Tippaya Villa, Chiangmai
Creekside, seminar room, Tippaya Villa.

Camping Site

Stream side

High Security
A Family Time

Outdoor BBQ Party

Children Outdoor Activity.


Online Reservation

Attractive Place

@Doisaket near Tippaya Villa
Phrakaokaotu is the main Buddha Imiage enshinred in the Viharn or  chaple of Wat Suandok Chiangmai.

Art of Chiangsean in Sukhothai ; is in the Lanna kingdom

SriMoungMueng Temple
วัดศรีมุงเมือง วัดไทลื้อดอยสะเก็ด
วัดพระธาตุดอยสะเก็ด เชียงใหม่
วัดแสงแก้วโพธิญาน เชียงราย
SangKeaw PothiYan Temple
วัดป่าดาราภิรมย์ อ.แม่ริม จ.เชียงใหม่
โครงการหลวงตีนตก ในพระราชดำริฯ
บ้านแม่กำปอง โฮมสเตย์ระดับโลก
โครงการพระราชดำริ ห้วยฮ่องไคร้
The History of Doi Saket.Legendary, the name of Doi Saket comes from the history ofLord Buddha telling that after getting his enlightenment. He then traveledaround the world to propagate his Dhamma (Teaching)

Doisaket Hot spring
Doi Saket Hotspring...
HotSpring MaeKhaJan
inthakin ,city pillar festival, Chiang-mai
Microlight Adventure-Doisaket-Chiangmai
Microlight Adventure-Doisaket-Chiangmai
"Tippaya Villa" Customer Reviews

อรัญวดี เก๋เก๋ 25 ตุลาคม เวลา 17:28 น. · เทศบาลนครเชียงใหม่, จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ · เดินทางจากตัวเมือง...เชียงใหม่.. มา อ.ดอยสะเก็ด 42 กม. .....เส้นทางที่กำลังทำ...ลื่น เละ แคบ..รถเยอะมาก.......คิดในใจ.. มาพักอะไรไกลจัง..... พอมาถึง.....หายเหนื่อยเลย....สวยมากๆ

อรัญวดี เก๋เก๋
Tippaya Villa ,resort on creekside, chiangmai

ชอบมากค่ะ อากาศดี ที่พักสบาย มีดอกไม้สวยๆ ธารน้ำเล็กๆน่ารัก


อาหารอร่อย รสชาติพื้นบ้านแท้ๆ




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